History of CSSC

During the late 1980’s Clear Spring found itself in need of a youth soccer club. Some of the founders of this organization are still working with our youth in the Clear Spring area. Jim Kriner and Lynn Mills are largely credited with the organization and development of what we now call Clear Spring Soccer Club, Inc. Since 1990 we have provided quality recreational and competitive soccer for the youth of the Clear Spring area. Serving for 20 years as the organizer, Lynn Mills and teams of parents and volunteers regularly fielded teams for all age groups.
After Lynn’s tenure ended,  the board of directors over the next few years organized the incorporation of CSSC and successfully obtained our non-profit tax status which allows us to apply for and receive monies from the our county, state and federal governments, as well as tax free products from vendors. Since then we have had successors to the board of directors that have guided this organization financially and administratively through the development of several competing soccer clubs in the area. Clear Spring Soccer Club remains an affordable youth soccer program that continues to provide a youth soccer experience to children age 4 through 14.